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Every big event in your life deserves full attention. Are you planning a church wedding on Kos island? To get married in a Greek-Orthodox church, at least one spouse must be of Greek-Orthodox faith. If you prefer a civil ceremony, we will be happy to organize it for you at the picturesque private chapel on the hotel grounds.

Even if you choose not to have a church ceremony, you will want your wedding to be prepared carefully. You can rely on our experienced team to take care of all organizational matters and support you with the formalities. We will assign a staff member you can reach at all times.

Formalities for your wedding
For a civil wedding on Kos island, both spouses are required to provide the following documents:

  • valid ID card or passport - birth certificate (*,**)
  • official proof of residence (*)
  • certificate of eligibility to marry (*,**)
  • for divorced or widowed persons: a legally effective divorce ruling or death certificate (*)
  • Spouses who don’t speak Greek are required to obtain an interpreter.

*officially certified translation into Greek required **apostille required

All apostilles and other documents must be translated by a Greek consulate. Please remember that translations are valid for a limited time only (typically six months). To apply for a date for a civil wedding ceremony, please send a copy of each of the documents to Greece (no later than four weeks before the date you requested for your ceremony). Original documents must be presented at the wedding.

The German embassy in Athens has compiled wedding information which you can download here:

For a big smile
To make sure your hair and make-up look perfect when you walk down the aisle, our spa’s make-up and coiffeur team will be at your disposal. Sit back and let us enjoy the honor of making you dazzling for the happiest day of your life.

Capture unique moments
You want your wedding to be unforgettable. Our photographer will be happy to capture your emotions and those of your guests in photos and/or on video. Rest assured – our photographers will be attentive and considerate to avoid any interruptions during your ceremony.