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In Greece we know how to celebrate – especially weddings. A welcoming atmosphere, great food, spirited music and traditional dances – Greek hospitality leaves every guest with a feeling of belonging.

Whether you prefer a classically traditional or a more modern wedding celebration, rely on us to meet your every need. We also will happily arrange a civil wedding ceremony. Our personal favorite spot: On the small island of Katri off the coast from the hotel lies the romantic basilica of Agios Stefanos, a charming wedding location. At your request we will book the venue in a timely manner.

Many of our guests uphold a wedding custom that goes back to Victorian times – something old and something new, something borrowed and something blue, and a silver sixpence in your shoe.... It is said that if the bride adheres to this custom, the marriage will be happy. Wear the following items:

  • something old to keep ties with your family and your former life
  • something new to symbolize good fortune and success in your new life
  • something borrowed to pass the luck of other happy couples to you, and - something blue, perhaps a blue garter, because the color blue symbolizes fidelity and chastity
  • a silver coin in the bride’s left shoe is said to ensure prosperity