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Classic-festive, traditional-cozy, or creative-fancy? It is a great joy for us to design your wedding celebration based on your requirements. Select from among our elegant bar, our exclusive gourmet restaurant Proteas, our Osteria restaurant on the beach, or our traditional Greek tavern. How does a boisterous bash in one of the resort’s pool areas sound? Or perhaps you’d prefer your wedding to take place on a traditional wooden boat? Allow your dreams to flow free – your Neptune Hotels team will make them come true.

If you are expecting up to 200 guests to attend your party, invite them to our elegant conference center. Your guests will hardly recognize it as such. No matter which venue you choose, you can count on attentive waiters, professional music arrangements (DJ or live band), perfect technology amenities (light, air-conditioning, etc.) and superb food!

Neptune Hotels’ chefs are known for their creative flair. Expect Greek and international specialties made from premium, fresh, regional and seasonal ingredients. Your wedding dinner will be served as a classic sit-down meal or as a buffet service that will leave you and your guests spoilt for choice. Our head chef will be happy to assist with your planning.

Tie the knot in your choice of venue
Make your wedding a sensory celebration. We use flowers and other decorative items to create a stylish ambiance in all the rooms you choose for your celebration. No matter how extravagant, dreamy, unpretentious, or festive you want your event to be, our in-house florist will be at your service to create individualized arrangements that meet your requirements in every detail.